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135: Ice Baths, Breathwork & Effective Exercise for Women l Kristin Weitzel of Warrior Woman Mode & Coaching Women to Optimal Health & Fitness

Mar 7, 2022 | Season 3


We're excited to have a fellow female biohacker on the show this week! Kristin Weitzel, our good friend and biohacking expert, helps transform women into the healthy powerhouses they were meant to be. In this episode, she discusses many of the struggles women face when trying to lose weight, how we can optimize our health based on our menstrual cycle, the magic of ice baths and why everyone should own a red light device in their home. You can certainly hear her passion to help women around the world and will shock you when she shares what she sees in others during an ice bath session.

Kristin is a health and high performance maven, certified fitness trainer, breathwork instructor, and performance nutrition coach with a focus on guiding women to optimal health. She has a bias toward action, always speaking with intention and purpose. Her achievements as a brand strategist, entrepreneur, and global marketer for Fortune 500 brands have given her the ability to travel far and wide and continually discover how best to advocate for life balance, and how what we do affects how we show up in the world. 

WELLPOWER, Kristin’s podcast, blends subject matter expertise, inspiring guests, and Kristin’s trademark wit and wisdom to lead clients and listeners alike. Her podcast allows Kristin to share with a broader audience just how far we can go in the pursuit of optimal performance. As a progessive voice, dynamic leader, and active biohacking proponent, she questions how far the human body can go and helps people take it there. 


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:52 Kristin Weitzel’s Bio

4:54 Welcome Kristin

6:08 What she sees working with women

8:40 The importance of lab testing

9:44 Why you need to lift heavy

13:06 How to start a weight training program

19:06 Story about Kristin’s biohacking retreat

21:04 Concerns with protein deficiency

25:26 Her advice on avoiding burnout

29:38 How to listen to your body

31:50 Intuition vs Fear

35:17 The importance of community

38:05 *Troscriptions Tro Calm

39:14 Ice baths during your cycle

42:18 Consistency is key

43:29 Her advice to for overcoming the fear of cold

47:35 The power of the mind

51:40 What does the ice teach us after we get in? 

51:50 Joe Rogan & Minimum Effective Dose

54:15 Advice for a cold plunge

56:24 What she witnesses about others in the ice

1:00:18 Highlights on red light therapy

1:04:03 Kristin’s final piece of advice

1:05:34 Where you can find her

1:06:40 Thanks for tuning in!



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