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136: Sleep Apnea, Nutrition for Oral Health & Biohacking for Families

Mar 14, 2022 | Season 3


It's a family affair this week! We are excited to introduce you to our Mom and Dad, Dr. Gene & Cindy Sambataro. They have worked together for over 40 years and built an incredible biological dental practice called the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry. They have extensive knowledge on the connection between oral health and whole-body health. In this episode, they share common issues they see such as sleep apnea, gum disease and dental decay, and how dietary and lifestyle choices impact these.

We dive into many fascinating topics ranging from the dangers of mouthwash and a vegan diet to tips and tricks for nutrition and oral hygiene. And of course, we get into their top biohacks and motivation behind prioritizing their health every day.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:31 Welcome our Mom & Dad

2:13 Cindy’s Bio

2:32 Gene’s Bio

3:09 About the Julian Center

4:43 Sleep Disordered Breathing 101

6:59 Evaluating & Diagnosing Dysfunction

8:11 What is the 3D Cone Beam?

10:22 Buteyko Nasal Breathing

11:54 Snoring denial (even in women)

14:53 Upper Airway Resistance 

17:30 His #1 Question 

18:27 Mouth Taping

19:39 Addressing Respiratory Rate

22:12 Nasal Breathing & Nitric Oxide

23:34 The problems with Mouthwash

25:49 Benefits of Oil Pulling

29:06 *Thrive Market Ad*

31:51 Floss recommendations

34:20 Nutrition & Oral Health trends

37:40 Weston Price, sugar and tooth decay

38:44 All about fluoride

42:28 Top nutrition tips

46:15 What to do about recurring health issues

47:26 Ancestral jaw structures & teeth

50:03 Their motivation to be healthy!

51:34 Time Efficiency & MED

54:30 Biohacking for kids

57:02 Mom’s final piece of advice

57:35 Dad’s final piece of advice

1:00:35 More questions about Holistic Dentistry?

01:01:21 Thanks for tuning in!


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