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15: Exercising When You’re Sick or Injured

Sep 16, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


People today are over-stimulated, stressed, exhausted and still try to push through because that’s what society (and our over-stimulated brains) says to do.  But we need to rest! Self-care goes beyond rest and recovery. Self-care is the act of taking responsibility for all of your needs: body, mind and spirit.  This is a paradigm shift! It’s not about working harder, longer, and faster anymore, because this only makes us sick and miserable. You have to slow down to speed up!

1:25 Welcome to the show!
2:39 Self-Care Awareness month
3:19 Definition of Self-care
6:16 #1 Factor
7:28 Our current state of affairs!
8:23 Why do you NEED to workout?
9:24 U-shaped relationship between exercise and immunity
10:05 Tips for Self-Care
10:53 What to eat when you're run down
13:51 The healing power of nature
14:37 The RIGHT type of exercise
15:35 Fancy recovery hacks
18:10 How it makes you hotter
19:05 Debate/Controversy
21:05 Renee’s personal experience
24:24 Renee's top immune boosting supplements
27:48 Lauren's personal experience
34:15 Renee’s favorite hack
36:02 Lauren's favorite hacks
37:33 Low-EMF Infrared saunas
38:13 The AmpCoil
39:37 Thanks for tuning in!

Portable Sauna
Clearlight Sauna
Sunlighten Sauna
JOOVV Red Light


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