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153: Biohack Your Lighting for Vibrant Health l How Lumiram Lighting Can Optimize our Ciradian Rhythms, Energy, Mood and Motivation

Jul 11, 2022 | Season 3


Talia Ram joins the podcast to talk about one of the most overlooked biohacks for health optimization… lighting! With a wide variety of types of light exposure ranging from natural sunlight outdoors to artificial indoor lighting, she breaks down how it all impacts our health and what we can do about it.

Beautiful lighting has been a lifelong affair for Talia, who, as the daughter of Lumiram founders Corinne and Jacques Ram, grew up immersed in lighting. So it seemed a natural progression that four years ago, Talia joined the ranks as resident wellness lighting expert for the company, drawing on her intimate knowledge of the product and her 10 years of experience as a meditation and yoga teacher. Talia Ram is the resident wellness lighting expert of Lumiram. Lumiram is the original maker of neodymium glass light sources and has been a leader in full spectrum lighting since first opening its doors in Europe in 1959. Lumiram has been invested in filling homes and businesses with beautiful oases of pure uplifting light through their signature line of Chromalux® full spectrum neodymium glass bulbs. The original light bulb for health and well-being, the Chromalux® full spectrum lamp has been enhancing people's lives and the spaces they live in since it was first created in Finland over 40 years ago. A unique light source, Chromalux® bulbs filter out yellow and other dulling frequencies of the light spectrum, resulting in a purified light with enhanced violet, blue, green, and red tones. Chromalux® enhances colors, lessens eye strain, boosts vibrancy, and provides a striking pure white light. With Lumiram's exceptional product diversity and dedicated service to countless interiors nationwide — life is now as beautiful inside as it is on the outside. 


0:53 Welcome to the podcast!

3:56 Talia Ram’s bio

5:06 Welcome her to the show

5:52 Why is light so important?

8:46 Lighting in dressing rooms

9:41 How can we mimic natural light?

9:59 The biology of light

12:29 Energy of different wavelengths

13:56 What is melanopsin?

16:19 Light therapy for SAD

18:03 Is scattered light bad for us?

19:29 What does an optimal day of light look like?

20:34 The dangers to our eyes

21:50 The benefits of different types of lighting

25:06 Why fluorescent over LED?

26:05 *Troscriptions Ad*

27:17 ChromaLux bulbs

31:58 Finding the right spectrum of lightbulb

34:10 Renee’s question about replacing bulbs

36:18 Using light efficiently

38:01 Neodynium & enhancing color

41:15 The purpose of different colors

43:20 Top priorities for home & work lighting

46:30 The affect light has on energy

46:55 The SIMS game

50:08 Optimizing nighttime light exposure

52:00 Agreeing on lighting in the household

55:07 Her final piece of advice

56:41 Where you can find her

57:12 Thanks for tuning in!


Blog: How Lighting Affects Sleep

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