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155: Creating a Safe and Empowered Space for Women to Heal, Thrive & Expand l WhealthCo Healing Vacations and Coaching for Women’s Health

Jul 25, 2022 | Season 3


Our good friend and fellow biohacker, Dasha Maximov, is back on the podcast to share her latest insights on supporting women on their health journey. She shares the differences she sees in male and female clients, why feeling safe is a foundational part of health, and how stress is significantly impacting women today. She has been hosting biohacking retreats dedicated to women in the Dominican Republic and will be hosting one with Lauren in October.

Also, make sure you check out episodes 45 & 46 for the 2-part interview we did with her in 2020 all about women's health research, fasting for women, using health tech and more about her personal health journey.

Dasha worked 9 years in the cut-throat business of mergers and acquisitions, suffered and healed herself from 6 concussions and hormonal imbalance, cofounded Europe’s largest health conference, and moved to a new country during this pandemic. She is the definition of resilience! After witnessing the impact of her brain injury on her physical and emotional body—she became fascinated with the power of electromagnetism, light, sound, and vibration as healers. She uses these in her work to help her clients get back to a feeling of safety so that the rest of their health regimen (good food, exercise and supplements) can work better. 

She is based out of the Dominican Republic where she runs biohacking retreats dedicated to women. Each retreat is co-hosted with another specialist and involves 5 days of learning, practice, trying new biohacking technology and tools, and unwinding from the stress-filled sympathetic lifestyle that we all lead. Her goal is to grow your toolkit so you have the ability to cope with that stress when you come back home. The next retreat will be October 26-30, 2022 and will be cohosted with Lauren Sambataro. Come join us! Learn more about the retreats, the online women's biohacking community, and the upcoming women's biohacking course at You can reach out to Dasha for one-on-one consults or inquiries at


0:51 Welcome to the show

1:50 Upcoming in October!

3:51 Dasha Maximov’s bio

5:21 Welcome Dasha to the podcast!

6:28 Why the Dominican Republic?

10:32 The difference in working with men vs women

16:22 Trusting your coach or practitioner

17:33 Resilience to change & boredom

21:44 The cost of giving too much

29:02 How to take up space!

35:12 *Hanu Health Ad* 

38:13 What changes do we see when we stand up?

40:16 Affects on the adrenals & ovaries

43:33 Renee’s experience with the Light Portal

45:11 Adaptogens & Wearables for stress

49:12 Getting ready for the retreat

50:34 How to integrate after

54:51 Retreat details!

56:52 Where to find her

57:23 Her final piece of advice

58:52 Thanks for tuning in


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