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165: Reflections from the 8th Annual Biohacking Conference l Anti-Aging, Mitochondrial Uncoupling, Mobility, Sleep, Mold, and more Biohacks!

Oct 3, 2022 | Season 3


We're back from the 8th Annual Biohacking Conference in Beverly Hills and wow, what a whirlwind it was! We learned from leading experts in the field, spent quality time with fellow biohacker friends and made some new friends. So much happened over the weekend that we wanted to share the highlights with all of you! Tune in for an overview on the lectures we listened to, the newest products we found in the expo hall, and which biohacks we enjoyed.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

5:30 Favorite part of the Biohacking Conference

8:07 GABA with Dr. Ted Achacoso

9:50 Anti-aging protocol with Dr. Chris Shade

14:06 ‘Mitochondrial Uncoupling’ with Dr. Steven Gundry

18:18 *Magnesium Breakthrough Ad*

20:51 Highlights from Dr. Mercola

26:10 Renee’s experience with Wild Pastures

26:38 Dr. Michael Breus & Dr. Dave Rabin on sleep

31:19 Apollo band

32:48 Dr. Kelly Starrett on mobility 

36:25 Lauren’s experience with the H-Wave

38:48 Pluck organ meat seasoning

40:38 *Felix Gray glasses Ad*

44:29 Oryx Desert Salt

46:19 Brava infrared oven

47:33 Got Mold? test kit

50:08 Carol bike, ARX, BrainTap & more!

54:29 Thanks for tuning in!



9th Annual Biohacking Conference – June 2023

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