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17: Don’t Sugar Coat It: Part 2

Sep 30, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


Welcome back to Part 2 of our Sugar series! In this episode, we delve into our personal experiences with sugar, our favorite hacks, and a little more science to uncover what sugar is doing to your health!

1:24 Welcome to Part 2 of “Don't Sugar Coat It!”
2:06 Top tips for blood sugar control
5:12 Dry Farm Wines
5:30 Hidden sugars
7:08 ACV cocktail
10:10 Fat for fuel
11:50 Study on artificial sweeteners
13:10 Plant-based sweeteners
14:25 Renee's experience with hypoglycemia
18:19  Lauren's journey to finding her optimal diet
18:25 Metabolic Typing Diet
24:25 Renee's favorite hacks
24:44 Blood Glucose Monitor
25:10 Renee's 21-Day Sugar Detox
27:56 Lauren's favorite hacks
29:49 Blood glucose support supplement
31:25 Chocolate for chocolate lovers!
33:25 Q&A
43:04 Thanks for joining us!

Dry Farm Wines
Blood Glucose Monitor
Renee's 21-Day Sugar Detox
Kion Lean Supplement
Evolved Chocolate
PubMed: Rethinking Fat as Fuel

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