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179: Reigniting Your Spark Factor l A Women’s Guide to Biohacking & Mitochondrial Health with Dr. Molly Maloof

Jan 23, 2023 | Season 3


We are thrilled to have Dr. Molly Maloof back on the podcast to share how we can all get our spark back! We dive into the biggest drivers of disease, the role of mitochondrial dysfunction, her personal approach to biohacking, how we can boost our energy levels, as well as the importance of love and social connection for overall health.

As a physician and Stanford lecturer, Dr. Molly Maloof has spent her career providing personalized medicine services to high-performing technology executives, billionaire investors, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and Academy Award winning actors. What she noticed is that women, specifically, were feeling the spark that once energized their lives beginning to dim. Not just metaphorically but in a measurable reduction in the energy output from their cells. In response, Dr. Molly developed a science-backed program focused on mitochondrial health, used successfully by her patients, which offered lifestyle changes that target the unique biology of women and provide immediate and long-term benefits–now available in her book The Spark Factor“The idea is steady gradual improvement, not perfection. The goal is to help get your spark back, so you can spend the rest of your life empowered, alive, mobile, and resilient,” she writes.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:37 Dr. Molly Malloof’s bio

4:25 Welcome, Molly!

5:06 The biggest drivers of disease

5:49 Her approach to biohacking

7:53 What is HEALTH?

8:43 Mitochondrial Health & Dysfunction

10:15 How can we increase energy levels?

12:51 Importance of connectivity

16:25 Course-correcting with biohacking

17:55 The biggest mistake she sees

20:45 Renee’s experience with HPA dysfunction

22:13 *Nootopia ad*

24:32 Her thoughts on Uric Acid

27:07 Getting away from “Diet Dogma”

28:59 How to listen to our body

33:42 Leaning on friends to balance social time vs isolation

34:13 Lauren’s story about not listening!

35:25 Honesty as a leading principle

36:52 Biohacking Mental Health

43:15 Working on our relationships

43:51 *Silverbiotics Ad*

47:01 The role of love & spirituality in health

50:11 Where to start with nutrition

52:20 Why you’re not losing weight

58:11 Kristin Neff’s Self-Compassion questionnaire

1:02:01 Her final piece of advice

1:02:28 Thanks for tuning in!





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