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180: How to Stay Healthy While Traveling l Prepping For Travel Challenges with Our Favorite Biohacks, Movement Practices, Snacks vs Fasting Protocols, and Curating the Perfect Sleep Environment

Jan 30, 2023 | Season 3


Today we're sharing our top biohacks to stay healthy while traveling! We know that certain challenges can come up when traveling like eating out at more restaurants, less than optimal sleeping situations, and exposure to more microbes, but that shouldn't stop you from traveling. We'll breakdown what you need to know when flying across time zones, what to look for in your hotel or Airbnb, the best stretches when traveling, and more!


0:50 Welcome to the show!

4:38 How to stay healthy while traveling

5:23 Statistics on how travel makes you healthy!

9:05 The biggest struggles when traveling

11:29 The “First Night Effect”

15:00 Top biohacks when flying

24:03 *Silverbiotics Ad

27:10 What to avoid while flying

31:17 Nutrition hacks & fasting

37:28 *Nootopia Ad

39:44 Our favorite travel snacks

41:50 What we look for in accommodations

51:09 Recap of our top travel biohacks

52:05 Exercise, mindful movement & stretching

1:01:58 Our top supplements

1:10:25 More on circadian rhythm & social jet lag

1:15:35 Thanks for tuning in!



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