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184: The Truths & Secrets about Silverbiotics SilverSol Technology l Biohacking Quality of Life and Immune Function with Bioavailable, Nano-Silver Solutions

Feb 27, 2023 | Season 3


We are so relieved to finally put the myths about silver to rest! If you've heard about the dangers of silver, or the scary blue man, SilverSol technology may be nature's best medicine, in a sea of low quality contenders. In this episode, we chat with Steve Revelli, Chief Scientifc Officer of Silverbiotics.

In addition to being head of Research and Development, Quality Control, and Formulator of American Biotech Labs/Manufacturing, Steve Revelli is a Retired Educator, Adjunct Professor, Olympic Bobsled and Skeleton Official.

He joined American Biotech Labs/Manufacturing after retiring from 30 years in science and health education. During his tenure at ABL, he has helped the company develop antimicrobial cosmetics and would care products. His passion has always been to educate people about their health and wellness.

Outside of ABL you can find him officiating track and field meets as a USATF master’s level official or somewhere in the world officiating World Cup Bobsled and skeleton races for the International Bobsled and Skeleton Federation!


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:38 Today’s pop question

7:09 Steve Revelli’s Bio

8:10 Welcome Steve

9:04 How Steve became interested in silver

12:10 The story behind the “blue man”

12:30 Different types of silver

14:36 What parts per million (ppm) is best for silver?

16:14 *Sleep Breakthrough

18:11 Using silver for immune support

20:20 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria

22:28 Best uses for silver

25:41 Silver for dental/oral health

29:09 SilverBiotics tooth gel with xylitol

31:27 Wound care & cosmetic creams 

35:49 Why more skincare companies aren’t using silver

40:24 Why biohackers are using silver

41:32 Steve’s personal story

42:36 Can silver be used as a nasal spray?

44:45 Could it be classified as a drug?

45:27 Are there any possible side effects?

45:54 What is colloidal silver?

48:09 More on SilverBiotics

49:06 His final advice

49:51 Thanks for tuning in!



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