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185: Real vs Fake Meat, Regenerative Farming & Soil Health, Artificial Sweeteners & Gut Health, Food Allergies, Intuitive Eating, Genetic Testing, and Nutrition for Mental Health

Mar 6, 2023 | Season 3


Join us for this fun episode where we breakdown many nutrition topics! We discuss the dangers of fake meat, why regenerative farming is important, different fasting practices, the best foods for mental health, intuitive eating, top tips for personalizing your diet and more.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

5:13 Whole Foods vs Fake Meats

7:42 Debatable arguments over plant-based meats

9:35 Addressing sustainability & soil health

11:12 Advocating for Regenerative Farming

13:08 Costa Rica & Organic produce

15:53 STUDY: Absorption rate of real vs fake meat

18:45 STUDY: Commercial animal feed & chronic disease 

21:31 Water consumption in farming

22:28 Artificial sweeteners

26:19 The HCG Diet

30:42 Fulfilling our sweet desires

32:37 *Silverbiotics*

34:14 Alcohol & taste buds

35:15 How to support the gut microbiome

36:01 Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) & Fasting

38:26 Allergies, sensitivies & intolerances

40:36 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

42:24 Address HOW we are eating

48:35 Nutrition needs for mental health

53:43 Particular foods for mental health

55:47 Zinc vs Magnesium

58:07 Portlandia chicken episode

1:02:02 A word about genetic testing

1:04:12 Recap on building a personalized eating plan

1:06:08 Thanks for tuning in!


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