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19: Troubleshooting Weight Loss

Oct 14, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


Many people feel that the inability to lose weight is a lack of willpower and people often feel bad about themselves because they don’t have control over their diet and no matter how restrictive they make their diet and hours they spend in the gym but the scale won’t budge. We also have Doctors that STILL say, “Eat less and move more!”…. while this is important, it is much more complicated than this with so many factors to consider.

1:20 Welcome!
1:31 The complex topic of weight loss
3:18 How it makes you hotter
4:50 STAT: Weight-loss market growth
6:58 Genetic blame game
7:40 Eat less – move more?
8:41 When to use the checklist
10:11 Inflammation & C-reactive protein
10:50 More reasons why you need to sleep!
12:06 Thyroid testing
13:15 Estrogen dominance & birth control
13:56 DUTCH Panel
16:00 Fat cells & toxins
17:06 Stress & high cortisol
18:24 STUDY: Sleep-deprived dieters
20:50 Common findings in nutrition coaching
23:15 Gut dysbiosis and hunger hormones
24:43 Fecal transplants
25:41 Seed cycling & Macronutrient cycling
26:32 Common findings in fitness coaching
27:25 Why calories don’t really matter
30:09 Addressing poor movement patterns
33:18 Checking recovery with resting heart rate
35:45 Renee’s personal experience
38:53 Lauren’s personal experience
43:56 Renee’s favorite hacks
44:35 Lauren’s favorite hacks
46:50 Recap
47:53 Q&A
52:15 Our upcoming guest!
52:48 Thanks for tuning in!

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