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209: Dr. John Lieurance on Melatonin: the “Miracle Molecule” and Methylene Blue For Stress Resilience, Brain Inflammation, Immune Support, Circadian Rhythm

Aug 28, 2023 | Season 3


We are thrilled to bring you this fascinating conversation with Dr. John Lieurance about different powerful biohacks which include high-dose melatonin and methylene blue supplementation. We dive into the different uses of melatonin (other than sleep regulation!) and how it can be a game-changer for those struggling with chronic health conditions. He also shares his personal experience with methylene blue, the importance of the “blue spot” in the brain, the role of neuroinflammation and neuroprotection, as well as how to dose it. Make sure you have a notepad nearby for this episode because you'll definitely want to take notes!

John A. Lieurance, ND, DC, DABCN (board eligible) is an Author, Physician, Lecturer, Scientific Advisor for, and educator to those seeking vitality, longevity, and enhanced consciousness. His interest is in connecting what he calls, “The 3 legs of a stool”: Vitality of the body, Mind Mastery & a Direct experience of God. Using science and ancient wisdom, he aims to connect these dots in his own journey to becoming the best version of himself in this life.

Diving deeply into many healing methods, to discover the deepest and most profound means to activate cellular energy, such as with Melatonin, Methylene Blue, and NAD+ as well as Fasting with various nutrients to activate responses. Dr. John explores many new paths in the healthcare world, with his unique & fresh ideas using various delivery systems, such as suppositories and nasal sprays, and various protocols he has created.

He attended Parker College of Chiropractic & received his Naturopathic degree in 2001 from St. Luke's School of Medicine. He has practiced Functional Neurology, Naturopathic medicine, and Regenerative Medicine, using stem cell therapy in Sarasota for 25 years.

Founder of the Advanced Rejuvenation Center in Sarasota, Florida, and founder of Functional Cranial Release – which is an Endo-Nasal Cranial Treatment with the ability to unlock the spinal fluid to allow profound healing of the nervous system.

See his next book “It's All in Your Head: Endo-Nasal Cranial Therapy”. Dr. Lieurance has been involved in multiple clinical trials including an investigation into the use of stem cells for Parkinson's Disease, COPD, and OA of the knee and hip from 2012-2014. He has a clinical focus on mold illness, Lyme disease, and chronic viral infections. Using natural eastern and Western approaches to healing the true source of disease, which lies in the metabolic pathways that are challenged by chronic inflammation resulting in infections and toxicity.

Books Authored:

Melatonin: Miracle Molecule – Melatonin Miracle Molecule: Transform your life with Melatonin. Why higher doses are safe and benefit beyond sleep as the bodies master stress resilience molecule for healing & longevity.

Ebook: Methylene Blue: Silver Bullet – (See

It's All in Your Head: EndoNasal Cranial Therapy – It's All In Your Head: Endo Nasal Cranial Therapy


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:27 Pop Quiz of the Day

3:18 Today’s episode

5:53 Dr. John Lieurance’s bio

6:52 Welcome him to the show!

8:49 Intro to Melatonin

10:35 Energy for inflammation

12:14 When do we need melatonin?

14:35 Super-Physiological doses

15:18 Renee’s experience with EBV & Melatonin

16:04 Metabolizing melatonin & genetics

17:29 Taking melatonin during the day

18:20 Best practices for dosing

19:56 First studies on melatonin

21:53 Cell Danger Response

23:05 Activating our circadian rhythm

24:32 The Blue Spot 

26:18 Perseveration & Rumination

29:10 Brain inflammation, LPS & Trigeminal Nerve

31:40 Blue Spot & Methylene Blue

34:33 *Sleep Breakthrough*

36:50 The body’s stress response & Microglial cells

41:57 Neuroprotection & “Fast Track Fast”

45:10 Methylene Blue before HBOT

47:26 Our experiences with Methylene Blue

49:00 Dosing & Titrating Methylene Blue

55:49 Combining color therapy with MB

58:05 Nutrients for micro & macro dosing

1:00:25 Serotonin Storm

1:04:24 His final piece of advice

1:06:39 Where to find him


Advanced Rejuvenation: Stem Cell Treatment,PRP Treatment,Prolotherapy , Ozone – Sarasota, FL


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