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210: First Responder Challenges & Opportunities For Avoiding Chronic Disease l Optimizing The Body’s Natural Healing Abilities to Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Circadian Rhythm Dysregulation

Sep 5, 2023 | Season 3


We were so honored when Josh Burchick invited us to speak on his podcast, “Forged and Unbroken.” We have been blown away by his work and his mission to help firefighters get and stay healthy. Since we feel like this information needs to be shared to more First Responders around the country, we decided to also share the episode here on the Biohacker Babes podcast. In this episode, we discuss the importance of sleep optimization & circadian rhythm, why you should always run basic lab tests, nutrition & fasting, hot & cold therapy, hormetic stressors, top supplements, and more!

Josh Burchick has been a firefighter since 2003, he currently serves as a Captain for a professional Department in central Maryland and is a Fireground Survival Instructor. He's been a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach since 2011, with his passion being CrossFit and mobility and movement patterns for injury prevention and rehabilitation. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Safety Leadership from Johns Hopkins University. If he's not outdoors or hiking, you can find him in Frederick, MD with his wife and two daughters. 

Forged & Unbroken is an online community for firefighters, but also for anyone looking for self-improvement. There is a daily workout with an option for at-home, a weekly growth mindset podcast, a weekly mobility video, a weekly research topic from other industries covering health, wellness, leadership and more. There is also the public podcast covering the same aforementioned topics, as well as fire service stories of struggle and resiliency. The goal is to crest a more well-rounded, resilient human. Each quarter, 1/3 of all proceeds from the venture is donated to public safety charities and causes. 


0:53 Welcome to the show!

4:05 Diving in with Josh Burchick

4:35 What got us into Biohacking?

6:07 Healing vs Thriving

7:56 Our definition of Biohacking

13:10 First Responder’s Schedule & Challenges

14:34 How firefighter’s can recover better

15:40 Supporting the nervous system

18:11 HRV Explained

20:23 Sleep Chronotypes

21:53 Data Wearable priorities

24:51 How are EMFs affecting us?

29:51 Supplements for Sleep

31:46 Questions about melatonin

37:20 Lab Testing opportunities

41:56 Food Sensitivity Test vs Elimination Diet

46:05 Fat vs Carb Burning

47:37 Fasting: yay or nay?

53:28 Top tips for metabolic health

56:25 Exogenous Ketones

56:56 Hot & Cold Therapies

1:10:34 Mouth Taping

1:11:22 Alternatives for CPAP Machines

1:12:54 Addressing Nootropics & Nicotine

1:17:25 Caffeine recommendations

1:20:15 Plant Medicine Prep & Integration

1:22:06 Renee’s health journey

1:23:30 Josh’s story into service

1:25:10 Thanks for tuning in!


Forged & Unbroken Podcast

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