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211: Early Detection Screening & Actionable Insights with Jo Bhakdi of Quantgene

Sep 11, 2023 | Season 3


In this eye-opening episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Jo Bhakdi, a visionary in the field of healthcare, to discuss the critical importance of early detection screening and preventing chronic disease. Jo Bhakdi, the founder and CEO of Quantgene, shared his insights on a wide range of topics, shedding light on why early screening is essential, how we can encourage people to prioritize prevention, advanced diagnostic/screening tools, the nuances of false positives, affordability in healthcare, the benefits of communal living, and the “Resolution” approach to healthcare. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of healthcare and the role of early detection in achieving health sovereignty and affordable wellness.

Jo Bhakdi is the Founder and CEO of Quantgene with the mission to extend the healthy human life span by a decade within a decade. Together with Quantgene’s team of scientists and engineers, he is dedicated to introducing cloud, AI, and precision diagnostics into the standard of care to enhance the quality and accessibility of care for everyone and protect human life. Born to scientist parents, Jo grew up with a backdrop of medical research before earning a Master’s in Economics from Tubingen University, one of Germany’s leading academic institutions. Prior to Quantgene, Jo held executive positions at BDDO and Omnicom with a focus on business model innovation and technology, then founded i2X, an investment platform that provides quantitative analytics for biotechnology and technology portfolios.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:34 About Jo Bhakdi

4:30 Welcome him to the podcast!

5:35 Why is early screening essential?

10:08 How do we get people to care about prevention?

10:28 Standard of Care screenings

13:19 Advanced Screenings

13:41 Why don’t people want to screen?

16:09 Prioritizing prevention

17:34 Detection & False Positives

23:16 Fixing the system

26:22 Diagnostics: MRI, Liquid Biopsies, Blood Chem & Genomics

31:50 *Troscriptions – Blue Cannatine*

34:00 MRIs vs Liquid Biopsies

35:18 Prostate Screening

37:35 Health Sovereignty & Responsibility

40:27 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

42:59 Why health doesn’t have to be expensive

47:02 Disrupting metabolism with fad diets

48:56 How & where to get started

50:41 Follow-ups & “Optimizing under the Curve”

52:00 The Resolution approach

52:40 Neurodegeneration & Alzheimer’s Prevention

54:54 Medicine 2.0 & The Four Horseman

1:01:20 Benefits of Living in Community

1:03:57 His final piece of advice

1:05:31 Where to find him

1:05:54 Thanks for tuning in!


Website: Quantgene






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