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51: COVID Susceptibility & The Quarantine 15

Jul 13, 2020 | Season 3, Uncategorized



Genetic reports and variants that make one more susceptible to SARS-CoV2, a personal reflection, and our tips for managing a more stressful and sedentary lifestyle during 2020.


1:21 Welcome to season 3!

3:43 Renee’s experience with COVID-19

6:09 OURA Ring research 

7:04 Renee’s immune supplement protocol

9:38 Related genetic factors

9:59 “Healthy people can't get COVID”

10:50 Genetic susceptibility 

13:13 Found My Fitness Viral Reports

14:35 Comparing our genetic SNPs

15:49 Renee’s perspective on getting sick

16:42 Correlation with Vitamin D deficiency

18:00 Washing your mask

18:19 Analogy about wearing the same mask every day

18:40 FREE Biohacks to protect yourself

19:40 Driving a car while wearing a mask

20:34 Health effects of sugar & alcohol

20:50 Almsbio Glutathione supplement

22:25 Correlation between immunity & weight gain

25:03 Time-Restricted Eating (or Feeding)

25:41 COVID-19 & Fasting

27:10 Snacking

27:30 Contraindications for fasting

28:13 Are you really hungry?

30:33 Tips for hydration

31:35 The stress connection

32:17 How to prioritize your sleep

32:59 Our favorite sleep hacks

35:19 Study on sleep deprivation

35:32 Lauren's experience with her CGM

36:30 The dangers of Inflammation

37:55 Understanding your body's stress response to food

39:26 Eliminating toxic oils

40:33 Emotional eating & Stress

42:12 Favorite Biohacks for Stress

43:22 Sit less, move more!

45:09 “Strike, shiver & stroll” weight loss hack

46:21 Biohacker Babes 7-Day Challenge

48:27 Sneak peek of our upcoming guests!

50:02 Thanks for tuning in!


OURA Ring & COVID-19 Study



Sunlighten Infrared Sauna

Sauna use to prevent Covid-19 

Dr. Mercola: Vitamin D deficiency & COVID-19

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*After July 31st, code HEALTHYLIVING10 for 10% off

Research on weight gain during quarantine – add study

Increase in antidepressants prescriptions

Kion Aminos

DUTCH Hormone Panel

Thyroid Panel – YourLabWork

Daily Harvest ice cream – use this link for $25 off


DayTwo Test

Viome – use code BIOHACKERBABES for $10 off


Thrive Market: Olive oil, Avocado oil, Coconut oil & Ghee


Muse Headphones


Activity tracker app: Strava

Biohacker Babes 7-Day Challenge

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