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52: Air Pollution & Immune Dangers with Eileen Durfee

Jul 20, 2020 | Season 3, Uncategorized


Eileen Durfee, owner of Creatrix Solutions, joins us to discuss the dangers of spending too much time indoors and her favorite biohacks for us to create healthier environments, such as negative ion generators, infrared saunas and ozonated water.


1:21 Welcome to the show!

2:00 Eileen Durfee’s Bio

2:30 Welcome Eileen!

2:43 Life during quarantine

3:18 Shift towards healthier habits

4:12 Top products during Covid-19

4:44 Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis

6:55 Biohacker behavior in the extremes

7:50 Eileen’s health journey

9:30 Intense detox reactions

9:53 Biohacks she used to heal

12:01 What she learned from her mother’s illness

12:33 Relationship to the Bubble-boy

13:41 Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

14:11 Her experience with The Rotation Diet

14:56 Multi-Wave Oscillator

16:06 Daily infrared saunas

17:21 Air pollution & Negative ions

19:45 The Breathe Safe device

20:14 LAX Airport air quality

21:36 Measuring toxins in sweat

23:00 Classifying saunas in Europe

27:32 Near, Mid & Far Infrared

29:08 Dangers of being indoors

32:00 Mask-wearing & your immune system

33:16 Copper’s anti-viral properties

35:30 Vitamin D status & COVID

38:27 Toxic Exposure standards & regulations

40:10 Ionic Refresher device

41:36 Mold toxicity in the home

42:52 “Too many toxins, not enough nutrients”

45:08 Depression & Blue Light/Positive Ions

46:09 Her tips for getting started

49:33 The power of Ozone & Ozonated Water

54:26 Eileen’s newest invention (Coming Soon!)

57:10 Her #1 free biohack

57:57 Thanks for tuning in!


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