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53: EMFs and Radiation with Daniel DeBaun

Jul 27, 2020 | Season 3, Uncategorized


Our guest Daniel DeBaun, co-founder and CEO of Defender Shield, shares the science behind many of the technologies we use today and the potential dangers of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs), such as immune suppression, heart cancer and ADD. He also shares his top tips you can start practicing today to protect yourself and your loved ones, and how a simple trick can lower your exposure immediately.


1:21 Welcome to the show

1:55 Daniel DeBaun’s Bio

3:18 Welcome Dan!

3:52 How he got started in the industry

5:35 Radiation Nation book

8:11 The cover-up & controversy

10:00 Digging into the research

12:06 Link to frontal lobe & heart cancers

13:02 Neurological impact & changes on kids

14:00 Correlated biological changes with EMFs

15:57 STUDY on pregnant women

17:08 Power of WiFi & cell phones

19:14 Cell phone & impact on egg health & fertility

21:01 Fitness wearables & Bluetooth

23:25 Constant cell-phone transmission

24:19 Socially-distant tech

25:11 What exactly is EMF radiation?

27:30 WiFi vs 4G/5G

30:05 4G + Immune suppression & Gut microbiome

34:16 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

35:15 The Cell Danger Response

37:28 Evidence about cell phone to brain disruption

39:23 EMFs blocking melatonin response

44:22 The downside of EMF meters

46:09 Tops tips to protect yourself 

47:25 Defender Shield solutions

49:54 How shielding protects you from EMFs

52:22 Dan’s one piece of advice

53:55 Do other EMF protectors work?

55:45 Thanks for joining us!


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