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54: Past, Present & Future of Biological Medicine

Aug 3, 2020 | Season 3, Uncategorized


Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot is the founder of The American Center For Biological Medicine, the US's premier destination for optimizing Personalized Health Performance and home to the world's most advanced biological medical and biohacking technologies today. His goal is to RESTORE, REVITALIZE and OPTIMIZE his patient's anti-aging quotient and quality of life. Today he shares with us the history and future of biological medicine, top biohacks for athletes, his thoughts on analyzing personal health data, and why veterinarians are the best doctors.


1:21 Welcome to the show!

2:30 Dr. Drobot’s Bio

3:27 Welcome Dr. Drobot!

4:19 What’s going during the shutdown

6:08 Where medicine is headed

8:51 The concerns in women’s health

13:31 The emergence of wearables

14:24 Tanning beds: the original biohack?

16:36 His introduction to a different type of medicine 

19:30 What is Biological Medicine?

21:50 How he learned about Biological Medicine

24:47 What is Biohacking to you?

32:32 Assessments & Tools at the BioMed Center

32:43 Adding in Biological Dentistry

36:52 Analyzing your data & quantification

41:05 The trouble with too much information

42:25 Never forget the basics!

44:16 Veterinarians as the best doctors

45:35 His top Biohacks for athletes

48:19 Are masks a concern right now?

52:05 His #1 piece of advice

54:27 Where to find Dr. Drobot

54:53 Thanks for tuning in!


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Instagram: The American Center for Biological Medicine

American Center for Biological Medicine website

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