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59: The Dirty Truth on Sleep Deprivation

Sep 7, 2020 | Biohacking, Season 3, Uncategorized


Dr. Gregory Kelly, the Director of Research & Development at Neurohacker Collective, joins us this week to discuss the importance of quantity and quality of sleep, the benefits of nighttime nootropics, and tips for shifting your internal body clock for better immune and metabolic health.


1:21 Welcome to the show!

2:26 Dr. Greg Kelly's Bio

3:17 Welcome Dr. Kelly!

3:42 His experience in Navy ROTC

5:53 How he dealt with sleep deprivation

7:04 Low-fat diet & Food cravings

9:49 Article in the Atlantic

11:18 The innate & adaptive immune system

12:26 STUDY: Sleep deprivation & virus exposure

15:20 Why quantity matters with sleep

16:54 Why wearables don’t tell us everything

17:29 Qualia Night's effect on sleep quality

18:40 Nighttime Nootropics

19:53 Daytime vs Nighttime nootropics

21:30 Morning routine as a sleep aid

25:07 Bell Curve for sleep demands

26:00 Sleep deprivation & Magnesium resistance

27:38 “Short Sleepers”

30:30 Repaying sleep debt

33:03 Story about Monks chanting

34:34 Sleep Chronotypes

35:12 Prioritizing the sleep response

37:04 Story about biking with friends who NEED coffee

37:53 Honoring the range for how people want to wake up

38:50 Tips for shifting the body clock earlier

39:32 Time-restricted feeding

40:55 Culture & lifestyle in Spain

42:15 T.S Wiley: Getting more sleep in the winter

43:16 Transitioning sleep schedule seasonally

44:41 STUDY: Sleep deprivation + 3 different diets

46:46 Glamour Magazine Sleep Challenge

47:26 The mechanism of animals in hibernation

48:24 His personal sleep experiment

51:27 Why sleep improves on vacation

51:40 “If you can sleep, you need sleep”

53:36 Food Cravings & Sleep

55:14 The effects of sleep on glucose control

56:40 Why do we need light sleep?

59:49 Figuring out your 80/20

1:01:13 Neurohacker Collective

1:05:48 Discount Code: BIOHACKERBABES

1:06:17 His one piece of advice

1:07:16 Thanks for tuning in!

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The Atlantic Article: Immunology Is Where Intuition Goes to Die

Book: Thinking, Fast and Slow

Book: Lights Out by T.S. Wiley

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