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60: Same Same, but Different

Sep 14, 2020 | Biohacking, Season 3


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We welcome a very special guest to discuss his personal journey with the “crown” illness, how it differed from Renee’s experience, and what hacks and protocols they found to be the most useful.



1:20 Welcome to the show!

1:59 Our special guest reveal!

5:39 His initial experience with COVID

9:22 The difference in their symptoms

11:54 Changes in respiratory rate

12:33 OURA Ring Pre-data

14:44 The OURA Ring “Tem-Predict” Study

16:28 The differences in their sleep

20:45 The differences in their genetic factors (FMF)

22:15 The supplements Renee takes (and Ryan doesn’t)

23:26 Ryan’s Phase 2 of COVID

25:07 Ryan’s Breathing exercises

26:39 Pulse Oximeter

28:14 Nebulizer & additions

31:49 The wake up call in 2020

33:21 “Would you do it all again?”

37:08 The differences from Vegas to NYC

39:37 Ryans visit to urgent care

41:18 Concern with reducing a fever

41:56 Supplements for respiratory distress

43:29 Renee’s “witch doctor” moment

44:50 Any remaining COVID symptoms?

45:53 Thanks for tuning in




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Stay tuned for Ryan & Renee’s interview with OURA!

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