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62: An Insider’s Look at the Wine Industry

Sep 28, 2020 | Biohacking, Environmental Toxins, Season 3


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Todd White, founder of Dry Farm Wines, is deeply passionate about bringing people together to share love and laughter through Natural Wine and the health benefits its provides. He shares the dirty secrets of the wine industry, why wine shopping is not the experience you think it is, and how natural wine production and commercial production differ on so many fronts. Tune in to learn the benefits of dry farming and more insights into this magical drink we all love!



1:21 Welcome to the show

2:21 Why we love Dry Farm Wines

6:09 Todd White’s Bio

6:51 Welcome Todd!

7:28 An introduction to Todd’s journey

8:38 The dirty secret of the wine industry

10:56 The importance of transparency

12:02 Alcohol content in wine

13:13 Alcohol as a “domino drug”

14:42 What determines the alcohol content

15:23 The Natural Wine revolution

16:38 Biodynamic farming

17:26 Wild native yeast & Fermentation

18:36 How his wines are sugar-free

22:57 Sugar, an addictive drug

24:20 The concern with Kombucha

26:07 Why you can’t taste sugar in wine

27:51 Why do we get hangovers?

30:22 Todd’s experience with Keto

34:18 His experiments with fasting

34:59 George Cahill’s research on fasting

38:34 His journey to finding natural wine

40:38 Keto & Alcohol tolerance

41:49 Irrigation & Dry farming

46:00 The benefits of a stressed vine

48:26 Polyphenols in wine

49:09 Calorie restriction for longevity

51:21 Todd’s piece of advice

54:27 Thanks for tuning in!



Dry Farm Wines

Fuel Metabolism in Starvation by George F. Cahill, Jr.

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