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65: Clean, Toxin-free Smoothies with Ingrid De La O

Oct 19, 2020 | Season 3


After a battle with Crohn's disease and Post-Partum depression, and no answers from traditional medicine, Ingrid de La O set out to heal her gut and her brain with superfoods and plant medicine. Her quest to find the cleanest ingredients, free of heavy metals and molds is the driving force behind her incredible plant-based smoothie company, Tusol Wellness. Tune in to learn about her healing journey, her thoughts on filtering water and her bold efforts to take her Biohacking out into the public!


1:21 Welcome to the show!

2:45 Ingrid’s Bio

3:43 Welcome to Ingrid

4:54 Her journey into wellness

10:28 Her experience with Crohn’s disease

13:54 The number one reason people miss work 

15:33 Importance of diet diversity & “plant medicine”

16:22 The power of Superfoods

17:15 Synergistic effects of combining superfoods

19:27 Her timeline for healing

20:40 How she transitioned into healing others

22:30 The problems with the USDA & sourcing 

23:15 Common ingredient toxicities

31:59 Renee’s experience with toxic metals

35:23 The importance of high-quality water

38:31 Her recommendations for filtering

39:31 Her recipe for mineralized water 

40:56 The “seesaw” effect of minerals

43:04 Dangers of plastic water bottles

46:10 Safer shower water

47:41 The convenience of Tusol smoothie packets

49:32 The inspiration behind “Tusol”

50:32 Biohacking in public places

52:51 Her one piece of advice

56:29 Where you can find her

57:11 Thanks for tuning in


Tusol Wellness

IG: Tusol Wellness

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EWG Tap Water Resource

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