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67: Gut Health & Probiotics for Babies with Kiley Anderson

Nov 2, 2020 | Season 3


Kiley Anderson, the managing director of '87 and co-founder of Jetson, the world's first seasonal probiotic, shares her story of discrimination in the workplace, the downside of C-sections for immune health, gut health for babies and kids, and the power of probiotics for optimizing digestion.


1:20 Welcome to the show!

2:45 Kiley’s Bio

3:22 Welcome Kiley!

3:55 How her journey began

5:36 Sharing her pregnancy news

10:30 Her decision to move on 

12:14 How Jetson was born

14:12 Disadvantages of C-section births

15:15 MS & Gut health

15:52 The journey to find the perfect probiotic

16:57 Her trial & error with ingredients

18:07 Seasonal probiotics

19:02 Small-batch manufacturing

20:13 Jetson’s ‘Mood’ supplement

22:34 Baby (probiotic) formula

23:53 Gut Recovery formula

26:13 Jettie Baby for all newborns

29:42 Quality control for the products

31:40 Her business: ‘87 

33:54 Her personal drive to optimize gut health

35:58 Gut Health Quiz

38:02 Check out the Jetson website!

39:29 Her one piece of advice

40:28 Where you can find her

40:45 Thanks for tuning in!



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