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7: The Dirt About Your Personal Care

Jul 15, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


Our bodies are overwhelmed with toxins from our environment every day that are wreaking havoc on our health, but we can choose what we put on our skin every day!  Do you know what ingredients are hiding in your personal care products? We'll dive into the most toxic ingredients to look out for, how to rate your current personal care products and we'll share our favorite beauty brands and why we stand behind them. 

1:21 Welcome!
1:30 The toxins that surround us!
2:35 What is “clean” beauty
3:24 Your skin is your biggest organ
4:25 H.I.D.D.E.N. Stressors
5:00 Why it makes you hotter?
5:32 Diseases caused by toxic exposure 
6:10 Cause of stubborn belly fat
7:45 Renee’s Shower Curtain story
9:00 Endocrine disrupting chemicals
10:02 Xenoestrogens 
11:21 Sunscreen scare
12:00 The male reproductive system
13:55 Toxins and Pregnancy 
15:55 Average number of products used daily
16:28 Renee’s personal journey
20:00 Lauren’s personal journey
21:20 The debate about the beauty market
24:50 Long-term health issues
25:48 Renee’s favorite hacks
27:40 Toxic ingredients to look for in your products
28:40 Safer brands
30:05 Johnson & Johnson story
30:40 Celebrity beauty endorsements
33:31 Lauren’s favorite hacks & lab testing
35:55 Q&A 
38:00 Renee’s health scare
42:00 Thank you for joining us!

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