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70: Find Your Glucose Mojo

Nov 23, 2020 | Season 3


Dorian Greenow, the founder of KetoMojo, struggled with his own health until he discovered the power of the Ketogenic Diet. He shares the benefits of testing glucose & ketones, how ketones heal the body, the importance of changing mindset & habits around food, and how you can get started on bioindividual diet optimization today. He's on a mission to improve health for humankind and is passionate about educating the keto community.


1:20 Welcome to the show!

3:14 Dorian Greenow’s Bio

4:15 Meeting at Dan Pompa’s conference

5:05 His journey into wellness

7:15 His “aha” moment

8:42 What happens when you start a Keto diet

9:00 Farm subsidies and the USDA 

10:42 How ketones heal the body

11:38 Ketones vs Glucose

12:09 Becoming “flex-fueled”

14:30 “Test, Assess, Address”

16:02 His clever negotiating tactic

17:11 Restaurant example

18:34 Changing mindset & habits around food

19:10 Diet variation & Ketosis

20:02 ADHD – “a Carb problem”

22:25 Eating protein & fat together

24:10 The Vegetarian Dilemma

26:12 The ultimate biohack

27:20 Could Keto Feed the World?

28:15 Joel Salatin’s work

30:25 Keto-Mojo’s GKI

34:33 “Testing is like archery”

34:53 The optimal glucose trend

35:19 The advantage of testing with a meter

38:05 “Absolute feedback” & accountability

39:05 The biggest worry for doctors

40:17 The failure of the Ketogenic Diet

41:45 The 3 Types of Ketones

43:20 Ketosis & Fatty Liver Disease

43:57 Understanding macronutrients

46:32 Treating your health like a business

49:14 Exogenous Ketones

50:20 The Keto Flu

53:25 More on the use of exogenous ketones

55:07 The Psychology of Fasting

58:16 Is it really hypoglycemia?

58:53 “The little hunger vs the great hunger”

1:00:25 Lauren’s experience with “low blood sugar”

1:00:58 Improvement with the new meter

1:03:01 Making testing affordable worldwide

1:06:16 How the meters tests through blood

1:07:49 Trading in your old meter

1:10:27 The Ketogenic Foundation

1:13:51 His one piece of advice

1:15:24 Thanks for tuning in!


Website: Keto Mojo

Ketogenic Foundation

IG: Keto Mojo

Facebook: Dorian Greenow

App: Keto Mojo

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