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71: Biohacking Your Bed with EightSleep

Nov 30, 2020 | Season 3


Matteo Franceschetti was on a quest for restorative sleep when he launched Eight Sleep, a New York-based company dedicated to fueling human potential through optimal sleep, and to turning the bed into a seamless health platform for improved health, performance, and longevity. In this episode he shares insight into thermoregulation and how it changes throughout the night, compressing your sleep window to improve sleep efficiency, and other top biohacks for personalized sleep optimization.


1:21 Welcome to the show!

3:16 Cyber Monday deals

3:30 Matteo’s Bio

4:45 Welcome Matteo to the show!

5:25 Why he cares so much about sleep

7:24 Thermoregulation 101

10:34 Human evolution & nature

11:26 EightSleep’s thermo technology

11:55 Temperature needs across different demographics

13:29 EightSleep Metrics & Quantification

15:24 Using data to make positive changes in lifestyle

16:46 Improving sleep efficiency

18:25 Compressing your sleep window

19:13 The smart bed's morning “alarm”

20:25 Using HRV (Heart Rate Variability) testing

21:35 Matteo’s other wearables

22:25 Measuring EightSleep technology’s accuracy

23:02 Sleep hygiene when traveling

25:53 Controlling environmental factors

25:49 The future of sleep tech

26:56 His nutrition plan & optimized lifestyle

29:30 His favorite Biohacks

33:12 What he’s learned from using a CGM

33:56 Experiencing the EightSleep Mattress

35:31 Tracking sleep & COVID-19

36:25 Sleep Chronotypes

38:20 The importance of collecting health data

39:04 His one piece of advice for takeaway

40:12 Where to find Matteo & Eight Sleep

40:52 Thanks for tuning in!


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Matteo on Twitter

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