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86: Bounce Back Better with the Babes

Mar 23, 2021 | Season 3


This week we're talking about optimizing and personalizing our recovery days! We discuss which metrics to track and symptoms to watch out for to determine what your body can and can't handle each day. Since there is a bioindividual component to how hard we can push our bodies and how quickly we recover, we have to listen to our intuition and learn more about our recovery metrics! Stay tuned for some interesting studies, how men and women recover differently, HRV changes through the menstrual cycle, and our personal exercise/recovery schedules.


1:04 Welcome to the show

3:18 Tracking devices

4:00 Your most powerful tool

4:34 Recovery differences between men & women

6:45 Confounding factors for HRV

7:35 Changes in HRV through the menstrual cycle

8:51 OURA Ring data for females

11:35 Research & studies on women

12:38 What if you don’t have an OURA Ring?

13:40 Inconclusive research on HRV across genders

15:01 Recap of the metrics we’re looking at

17:32 OURA Ring COV** Research

19:38 Our own experiences with data quantification

19:59 High Recovery days

22:35 STUDY: Male runners using infrared sauna

24:37 RESEARCH: Saunas + CGMs

26:34 Renee’s sauna plan on low recovery days

27:47 Lauren’s high recovery day activities

30:13 Exceptions to your data guidance

31:29 How to navigate low recovery days


35:22 Lauren’s low recovery activities

37:30 Fasting hacks for recovery

38:15 AmpCoil for restoration

38:25 What NOT to do

38:55 Renee’s low recovery day activities

40:12 Lief HRV Biofeedback

41:49 CGM glucose levels & stress

43:11 A day of Disney walking

44:20 Lucy nicotine gum

45:54 What happens when you don’t listen

48:12 Alternating strength vs cardio days

49:13 Lauren’s Checklist items

52:25 Renee’s Checklist items

54:02 Renee’s workout for today

55:49 Why you need to get early sleep

56:48 Lauren’s workout for today

58:08 A great way to recover sore muscles

1:00:14 Thanks for tuning in!


Whoop Band – free band + 1st month free with link


OURA Ring CO*** Study

Levels CGM


Lief HRV Biofeedback

Lucy Nicotine

STUDY: Post-Exercise Sauna Session

Article: Infrared Sauna & Diabetes

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