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87: Sustainable Fishing For a Healthier Planet

Mar 30, 2021 | Season 3


Do you feel confused about fish? Sena Wheeler of Sena Sea joins us to discuss sustainable fishing and how we can support our health and the health of our planet with wild fish. As a 3rd generation fisherman continuing her family's business, supported by a Master's degree in Nutrition and Food Science with a specialty in quantifying omega 3's in fish, she shares unbelievable insight and information that we all need to know. By the end of this episode you'll feel like an expert on reading seafood labels and a professional chef in the kitchen!


1:03 Welcome to the show!

2:55 Sena’s Bio

3:37 Welcome Sena!

4:23 Sena’s nutrition education & passion

8:08 Renee discovering her passion

9:35 How to read seafood labels

11:49 Fish farming isn’t allowed in Alaska

12:25 What does sustainable mean?

13:41 “Why eat wild!”

15:47 The fishing industry & ecosystem

18:28 Concerns with water pollution

20:00 Wild fish add value to our world

21:24 Why farmed fish?

24:58 Nutrient profiles of different fish

25:22 *InsideTracker Promo*

26:50 What impacts the Omega 3:6 ratio

28:27 The color of wild vs farmed fish

29:46 Eating vs supplementing with omega 3’s

32:37 How to buy a fish oil supplement

34:17 Tips for cooking your fish

38:34  Why Sena calls it “fast food”

39:42 Fresh vs frozen seafood

40:52 Sena Sea’s freezing process

42:59 High-quality fish and undercooking it

43:53 Sena Sea subscription & cookbook


47:06 Recommendation for quantity per week

49:13 Sustainable packaging

50:10 “Fishy fish” 

52:29 Is mercury a concern with fish?

53:50 Sena’s one piece of advice

54:25 More on mercury from Sena’s husband

55:50 Thank you for tuning in!





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