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89: 8 Lab Biomarkers You Need to Test | Staying Up to Date On Your Health

Apr 13, 2021 | Season 3


Just the Biohacker Babes on this episode talking about lab biomarkers everyone should be testing. This is not to scare anyone by any means, but this is mainly just for prevention. While you are healthy, these are just good things to know to prevent issues that may come down the road. Watch and measure these 8 markers in your own bodies to understand where your health is at.

Marker 1: Fasting, Blood glucose, and HbA1c 6:17

Marker 2: CRP, know your inflammation 11:32

Marker 3: Cholesterol 14:22

Marker 4: Vitamin D 19:32

Marker 5: Cortisol 23:34

Marker 6: Full thyroid panel 29:00

Marker 7: Iron and ferritin 31:18

Marker 8: Homocysteine and inflammation 35:25

“So HGL, just the basics, this is known as just the more protective form of cholesterol. We want this to be a strong number. LDL is potentially dangerous, so we don’t want that to be too high. Triglycerides is a form of stored fat that circulates in the bloodstream that usually it’s from excess weight, calories, alcohol, lack of exercise, liver damage, could be genetics, and just overall inflation will raise triglycerides.” 15:35


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