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90: The #1 Way to Biohack Your Fitness l Take Advantage of Adaptive Resistance Technology

Apr 20, 2021 | Season 3


Mike Pullano is the CEO of ARX (adaptive resistance exercise), a piece of equipment using adaptive resistance training, and today we get into why this technology is so amazing, why it’s so efficient, why it’s safe, and more. ARX is a company that creates fitness equipment rooted in new technology that is changing the way that we work out at a cost effective and physically efficient way. We discuss the benefits of using this machine and taking advantage of concentric and eccentric movement versus going to the gym and missing out on these efficient exercises.

About Mike 2:44

What is this machine? 5:45

Benefits of concentric and eccentric movement 13:45

The ARX software 17:14

Glycogen depletion 31:33

What if you love going to the gym? 42:24

Omni vs Alpha machines 44:15

Is there anyone that should not be using ARX? 51:59

“Even the biggest workout junkie who works out five times a week, eventually he’s like, ‘Ehh, I thought I loved working out five times a week, but what I really love doing is working out about once or twice a week and playing with my kids.’ Or spending that extra time reading, or doing whatever else you wanna do in the world and create the life you wanna create.” 41:17


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