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92: Getting to the Root Cause of Your Brain Fog | Fixing Cognitive Fatigue

May 4, 2021 | Season 3


We’ve had some requests about the topic of brain fog, so we decided to create an awesome episode on this subject. Brain fog is not a medical condition, but rather a spectrum of issues that causes you to experience a persistent lack of clarity and inability to focus, poor cognitive function, mental fatigue, and memory loss. Often the cause of these issues can’t be pinpointed to one particular source from the day before, such as cognitive fatigue after a night of drinking. So today we are going to discuss why you might be experiencing this and the various causes for encountering brain fog, coming up with possible solutions for you.

Symptoms of brain fog 3:16

Category #1 7:17

Food sensitivities 10:27

Sugar consumption 11:28

NSAIDS and other medications 13:16

The vagus nerve 15:49

Hormones and menopause, thyroid 18:32

Stealth infection 23:36

Circadian rhythm, sleep 27:52

Detoxification 32:20

Blood sugar 36:24

Genetics 38:34

Omegas 40:45

Identify your food sensitivities 45:48

Some fun biohacks 53:12

“If you do a food sensitivity panel and you have 10, 20, 30, 40 foods come up, that’s when you want to look back to your gut health. It’s not normal to react to that many foods.” “Yeah I think the average person could have 2 or 3 food sensitivities, right? Maybe dairy, gluten, eggs, the common things. But if you’re reacting to everything, that’s where you really need to look at gut health first. You gotta heal the gut, and then your body will hopefully stop responding so negatively to all those different foods.” 10:45


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