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93: Anyone Can Meditate with Muse – Using Technology to Optimize Your Mood, Energy, Focus & Sleep

May 11, 2021 | Season 3


Today we discuss the basics of meditation and the benefits many experience, as well as the difficulties people experience when practicing or trying to get into it. We have with us Ariel Garten, the co-founder of Muse, the home of a meditation headband created to assist you with focus and getting into your flow. Muse reads brainwaves and gives you audio feedback based on your thoughts, giving you storm sounds when you’re losing focus and calm, bird sounds when you’re able to maintain a focused state. Ariel tells us about the benefits of using the Muse Headband and why it can make meditation for you and everyone around you so much better.

About Ariel 4:03

Meditation and mindfulness 7:40

What is meditation? 11:00

How Ariel got into meditation 14:50

Can Muse be used with experienced meditators? 20:53

The average time it takes to achieve the focus state 24:35

Different brainwave states (alpha, beta) 28:06

The Muse Sleep headband 30:32

Should kids use it? 36:03

Session lengths 39:50

Is there anyone that should not use Muse? 43:28

“When your mind is stormy and you’re getting too caught up and frustrated by the storm, it just gets stormier and stomier, and then it really just intuitively teaches you this lesson of letting go of what’s bothering you, letting go of the friction, letting go of the resistance and allowing yourself to come to calm. And it becomes this beautiful, intuitive lesson to teach you one of the most poignant things about meditation, which is to accept and be OK with what is.” 24:03 – Save 15% with this link!

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