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10: The Root of it All

Aug 6, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


We welcome our very first guest! Dr. Sambataro, our Dad, and the original biohacker! He is a biological dentist with a special interest in sleep-disordered breathing, TMJ disorders, and implantology.  Dr. Sambataro’s holistic approach to dentistry is rooted in an understanding of the interconnectedness of oral and whole-body health.

1:21 – Welcome to episode #10!
1:46 – Dr. Sambataro's Bio
5:45 – Dr. Sam's journey
7:46 – General dentistry to holistic dentistry
9:01 – The story of the Julian Center
12:02 – The Original Biohacker
15:40 – How does it make you hotter?
17:04 – Going beyond the cosmetic side of dentistry
18:37 – The link between digestion & oral health
20:23 – Oral DNA test for oral microbes
20:35 – Assessing the airway
21:43 – The downside of essential oils
22:22 – Weston A. Price & Nutrition for oral health
23:38 – Hidden research on root canals
24:15 – Who is this for?
25:16 – The missing link for optimal health
26:46 – Some interesting history about Dentists
27:45 – Dentists are Doctors!
28:49 – How can we quantify this?
29:55 – What your urine pH can tell you
31:19 – Dr. Sam's personal dental experience
32:03 – The debate around holistic dentistry
34:32 – Beware: When you can't heal a cavity at home
36:24 – The Biohacker mission
36:50- Our favorite biohacks for oral health
37:06 – The Biohacker Babes on Dr. Oz!
38:20 – Good nutrition for a healthy mouth
39:55 – Don't do this after you eat sugar
40:12 – Charcoal toothpaste – yay or nay?
42:01 – Essential oils to use
43:23 – 3 questions to ask your Dentist
46:27 – Contact Dr. Sam
47:47 – Thanks for joining us today!

Additional Links:
Stop The Snore
Weston A Price: ABCs of Nutrition
Dr Oz clip!

Contact Dr. Sambataro:
Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry
Julian Center for Effortless Sleep
BiohackingDentist on Instagram

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