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9: The Elimination Plan

Jul 29, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


An elimination “diet” is a short-term plan where you eliminate potentially problematic foods and then reintroduce them one at a time in order to pinpoint which foods are causing specific issues. Do you have stubborn digestive issues? Weird skin flare ups? Fatigue that isn’t relieved by a full night of sleep? It may be time for an elimination diet.

1:21 – Welcome to episode 9!
1:28 – If you’re struggling with these symptoms, it may be time for an Elimination Diet
2:58 – “One man’s food is another man’s poison.”
3:48 –  How long it takes to do an elimination
4:08 – Why it takes 21 days 
5:00 – The most common food allergies
5:38 – Health issues that are linked to food sensitivities
6:40 – “Disease begins in the gut”
6:47 – Why it makes you hotter
8:17 – Why you need to listen to your skin
9:38 – Is this for you?
10:00 – The problem with food allergy tests
10:55 – The “Will Smith” food reaction
11:50 – Renee’s food intolerances & elimination diet
15:15 – Overcoming food sensitivities
15:31 – Ice Cream story
17:15 – Lauren’s journey to her Paleo-ish Diet
18:52 – Lauren’s favorite hack for drinking wine 
19:10 – Our very first experience with an elimination diet
20:44 – So HOW do we do an elimination diet?
21:35 – Start with the basics
22:52 – Reintegration: How to test specific foods
23:22 – Renee’s favorite gut healing supplements
25:15 – More specific eliminations
26:00 – The biggest mistake you can make
26:10 – The debate/controversy
27:10 – Creating new food allergies/sensitivities
29:24 – The potential issue with a diet like Whole30
30:54 – Be patient with your body
30:19 – Our biggest piece of advice
31:10 – Our favorite hacks!
31:40 – 5-Day Bone broth fast
33:05 – Dry Farm Wines
34:10 – Q&A: Organic vs. Non-Organic food
36:05 – Is it the gluten or glyphosate causing gut issues?
37:03 – Thanks for joining us!
37:17 – Big announcement! Our next episode… 

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Dry Farm Wines
The Paleo Diet
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